The Melton Community Partnership (MCP)

The Melton Community Partnership (MCP), otherwise known as the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).  Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP’s) existed in nearly all local authority areas in England until 2011, when they were made non-statutory.

LSP’s bring together representatives from the local statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors to address local problems, allocate funding, and discuss strategies and initiatives. They aim to encourage joint working and community involvement, and prevent ‘silo working’ (i.e., different agencies that share aims working in isolation) with the general aim of ensuring resources are better allocated at a local level.

The Melton Community Partnership aims to improve the quality of life in the Borough of Melton. As the government devolves more power down to the local level more emphasis is upon working with our local and national partners to solve the complex issues that we face as service providers. We are changing the way we think by;

  • Moving away from reactive services to proactive
  • Early intervention and prevention work
  • Aim to deliver high quality; more focused and efficient services to our customers
  • Achieve outcomes that make a real difference to peoples live

For more information on the MCP, including our priorities, visit the ‘About the Partnership’ page.