Our Priorities

To enhance the quality of life for everyone in the Borough of Melton to achieve a sustainable,
prosperous and vibrant community.

We aim to:
1. Work toward making Melton a sustainable and resilient Borough

2. Strengthen and empower the community and voluntary sector of Melton to address future

3. Integrate the priority needs of the Borough with the services offered by our partners to
better meet our customer’s needs

4. Focus our work in priority areas so that people are able to live their lives more

To achieve these aims our priority objectives are:

1. Improve the health and well-being of local people

2. Help provide a stock of housing that meets the needs of the community, including
affordable housing

3. Provide opportunities for local people to enhance their learning, skills and employability

4. Increase the local community’s resilience to empower them to address future challenges

5. Continue to strengthen Melton Mowbray’s town centre and its night-time economy

6. Improve opportunities for the movement of people in and around Melton

7. Create a stronger and safer Melton

Through extensive research and consultation we have identified the challenges and opportunities that the Borough will face in the next 10 years.

To review the MCP Sustainable Community Strategy in full please go to Library and Documents.