Sustainable Community Strategy

What is a Sustainable Community Strategy?

A Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) is a document that sets out the needs and hopes of a community. It should represent the overall views of the community.  Developing a strategy allows organisations that work in the community and the community itself to work together towards a common goal to improve quality of life.


The SCS will:

•  Outline and explain what local people need and how they would like the Borough of Melton to be in the future.

•  Encourage local people to get involved by developing ways in which people in the Borough can be given the opportunity to express their needs and wishes for their areas, comment on the draft Strategy, and be involved in putting it into practice.

•  Co-ordinate partnerships by considering all existing partnerships to see how they can work together more effectively.

•  Be responsive to needs, aspirations and opportunities that develop as a part of the community planning process.

•  Deliver together to identify the gaps, avoid duplication and promote a  co-ordinated approach for added value.

We are a strategic partnership, which means that we examine the broadest viewpoint and try to find solutions that will improve things at all levels. We are also looking at what local people need and want for their area. It is only by recording and respecting these views that our work and that of the Sustainable Community Strategy can be successful.