Melton Environment Action Partnership

Melton Environment Action Partnership (MEAP)


To consider, comment and assess various Melton Borough Council direct or associated environmental projects and issues. To act as a forum for discussion, information exchange and strategic direction setting for local / town and Borough environmental bodies and organisations.


  • Ensure good standards of all round general  external  public facility and site  environmental maintenance within the MBC responsible  area
  • Ensure the upkeep of Leicestershire County Council Highways local responsibilities – streets and open spaces within the MBC area i.e. lighting / footways / signage etc.
  • Ensure relevant environmental management of public facilities and areas carried out by MBC, LCC, Civic society, Heritage society, Melton In bloom, VAM, other bodies such as the Friends of Melton Country Park, Friends of St Marys etc.
  • Monitor environmental development, keep all MEAP partners and contributors advised and informed.

Please follow the Waste Code: ReduceRe-use – RecycleRecover